Repointing Your Domain To Our Server

Do you already have a website domain that you would like to use for the new website we built you while also remaining in charge of managing it on your third-party hosting account? No problem. Follow the easy instructions in this article to help us get your domain pointed to your site.

NOTE: If you intend to have Starry Eyes manage your domain and cover yearly registration costs, click here to read this article instead, "Transfering Your Domain To Our Server."

1. Access Your Domain Account

Before you can make the adjustments to your domain settings, you'll have to make sure you can access your account with your domain hosting provider, such as Go Daddy, Wix, or Whois.

2. Update Your Nameservers

Once you're logged in, you need to navigate to your domain's DNS settings and modify your listed nameservers to match these:


*** IMPORTANT - Be sure to enter all four of the nameservers listed above. In some scenarios, your host might only have two nameserver fields. If this is the case with your domain hosting provider, you'll need to get in direct touch with their support team to request the ability to list all four nameservers. We recommend skipping the typical customer service chat support and reaching out directly to the technical support team.


Unfortunately, we're unable to direct you on how to update your DNS records on your third-party hosting account, as it varies from host to host. Still, we've included links to the top third-party hosting companies' specific help docs on this topic to make life easier.

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If this list above doesn't help you find where to update your nameservers and how to do so, we recommend contacting your domain hosting company's support staff. If you give them the nameserver information above, they'll likely be able to take care of it for you, although, depending on your domain hosting plan, they might charge you for help.

Alternately, you can sign a liability waiver and give us your login details to your third-party hosting account and let us handle updating your DNS records.

3. Update Us

Once you're able to get the nameservers updated on your domain, be sure to let us know so we can verify the connection and make final adjustments on our end to your website settings. Generally, after you update us and we're able to make final adjustments, your domain will be pointed to your new website within 15 minutes, though in some rare cases, it may take up to 24 to 48 hours.

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