Basic Divi Builder Use: Editing Text Modules

Accessing the Divi Builder

  • Once you are logged in to WordPress, you can open the Divi Builder on any existing webpage by selecting the purple "Enable Visual Builder" button at the top of your screen. Alternatively, click on the pages tab in the menu bar on the left side of the dashboard to access a list of every page on your website. Find the page you want to change and select "Edit with Divi Builder."
  • To create and design a new page with the Divi Builder, access your WordPress dashboard, hover over the pages tab at the left of the screen, and select "Add New." This will open the WordPress backend editor; once you finish the design of your page, you can return here to edit the SEO details and make other changes. Click on the purple "Use Divi Builder" button to open the Visual Builder. When creating a new page with the builder, you will be presented with three options for beginning the page: build from scratch, choose a premade layout, and clone an existing page. Divi has hundreds of premade layout templates following various themes and business types that will give you a launching pad for designing your page. If you have an existing page that you want to form the basis of any new pages, select the "Clone Existing Page" option.

Editing Text in the Divi Builder

Once you've accessed the page in the Divi Builder, scroll down to the text you wish to change and click on the gray gear. This will open a purple box where you can type your text or delete previous text.

A picture showing the gear

If you wish to add headings or have larger text above the rest of your text, highlight the text you want to be your heading, click the drop-down menu, and choose whichever heading style fits your needs.

A picture showing the heading settings

A picture showing the heading options

Alternatively, if you decide you no longer want the text in a particular area, you can click on the gray trash can and delete whole blocks of text. Or click the gear and manually delete certain areas of text. 

It’s also important to remember if you want to edit multiple pages, you’ll want to click on “Disable Visual Builder” in the top right corner before going to the next page, or it won’t work.

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